If you are looking for hope in a hopeless world, you will find it in your calling. You are an important part of God’s plan, and your life will never make sense until you discover your purpose.

At Faith Life Church, we’re passionate about helping you take the next steps on your spiritual journey. After accepting Jesus into your life, a great next step is to go through the Kingdom Track.

Kingdom Track is made up of four sessions. We would love for you to jump in at any time!

When you’re saved, you become a citizen of God’s Kingdom. But what does that really mean? Find out in this first session of Kingdom Track. Discover the fundamentals of how God’s Kingdom operates, the laws that govern His Kingdom, and your legal rights and benefits as a citizen of His Kingdom.

What does it mean to “live the good life,” and how can you live it? Join us for this second session of Kingdom Track and get the answers you need. Plus, find out how you can fully experience the Kingdom, grow in every area of your life, and get connected through small groups at Faith Life Church!

You are needed in the family of God. God created you with specific gifts, talents, and passions for a specific purpose. Join us for this third Kingdom Track session and take the first steps to connect to that purpose so you can fulfill all that God has placed in you to do and become, your full potential!

How can you live out your purpose and serve others by using your gifts and talents? What are two things that will help you move forward faster in discovering your God-designed destiny? Find out in this fourth session of your Kingdom Track!