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astor Gary Keesee grew up in Ohio as a very shy, quiet kid who preferred being outdoors by himself to being around people. It wasn’t until his teen years when he accepted Christ and saw a vision of himself preaching to a crowd of people that he became the guy who told anyone who would listen about the power of Jesus. But, even still, when God called him to attend Oral Roberts University and leave behind the familiar things of home, it was one of the hardest steps Gary had ever taken.

Pastor Drenda on the other hand grew up in Central Georgia and was Miss I-Can-Do-Anything, class president, and communications extraordinaire. She was determined never to be married or have children, because she was sure that would just get in the way of her career. But all that changed when she met Jesus Christ her senior year in high school and decided to attend a Christian college in Oklahoma, Oral Roberts University.

And, you can guess what happened next. It was there at Oral Roberts that Gary and Drenda met and married. However, the bliss of getting married quickly wore off as they found themselves in financial trouble and barely able to survive. One day, with tears in his eyes and despair in his heart, Gary threw himself across his bed and cried out to God for help. God showed him that they had been trusting in debt and the earth’s system of finance more than they trusted Him. It was then that God began to teach them how the Kingdom of God operates. By applying those principles, they became completely debt free in two and a half years, began paying cash for their cars, built their dream home and rebuilt their financial business which they catered toward helping families live financially free. Their lives had drastically changed!

As they learned and experienced the benefits that came from applying the principles of God’s Word to their lives, they were compelled to share these same principles with others. In 1995, they started Faith Life Church with the purpose of teaching people about faith, family, and financial restoration. “Our goal is to help you win in life,” Pastor Gary often says.

But it didn’t stop there. In 2005, God called them to share the principles of faith and the Kingdom to the nations. As a result, they launched Faith Life Now which produces worldwide conferences, practical financial support, educational resources, and television programs, Fixing the Money Thing and Drenda, which air in every time zone across the globe.

Today, they are known around the world for the impact they have made on people’s lives and the message that they teach. Their vision continues to grow as they find other ways to reach and care for those who are hurting or lost.

Despite all they have going on, family is always their main focus. Every chance they get, they enjoy spending time with their five beautiful children, Amy, Timothy, Thomas, PollyAnne, and Kirsten, who serve alongside them in ministry.

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