The Power of Rest (Westerville)

7 PM, Thursday, 02/14/2019

Leader: Michael & Sandy Puskas

Dive into Pastor Gary’s series, The Power of Rest. By understanding the key principle of the Sabbath Rest, you can see real results in your life. You can live in a place where your needs are met; free from the rat race; free to find and prosper in your purpose and passion, where you’re prospering past survival; and where you’re demonstrating results to the world that are different than what they normally see. Don’t stay stuck. Don’t keep living tired. Discover a new way of living!

The goal of the this small group is to read through the book, ‘The Power of Rest’ by Gary Keesee. We will learn a lot but our goal is more than to gain knowledge. Our vision is for you to experience, as we have, a tangible change in your life, specifically related to your finances. We will challenge you to grow and stretch beyond where you currently are. We CAN do this together!

Marital Status: Both Married and Single is OK
Gender: Coed
Age: All Ages
Childcare: No