Ending the Search for Love by Drenda Keesee

7 PM, Monday, 02/11/2019

Leader: Deja Williams

Battling rejection? Feel like you have to perform and be good enough to deserve love? Are you a people pleaser? Do you struggle with fear of admitting you are not perfect, or maybe the fear of being punished when you fail? Are you living in the shadow of betrayals and hurts? As women, we tend to struggle with insecurities, fear and guilt when it comes to our view of ourselves. And it all comes down to our ability to receive and give love.
In six powerful messages geared to pull you out of emotional pain and the lies you may believe about your self-worth, Drenda brings the truth about what true love is, where you can find it, and perhaps most importantly, how you can begin loving yourself.

Marital Status: Both Married and Single is OK
Gender: Female
Age: All Ages
Childcare: No