Post-Abortive & Unplanned-Hope, Help & Freedom

TBD, Friday, 02/15/2019

Leader: Milka Nier

No matter the circumstances that drove a woman to choose an abortion(s) in her past, and no matter what her current situation is that is causing her to believe that abortion may be her only way of escape-the TRUTH is, there is another way of escape-there is HOPE, there is HELP, there is HEALING, and there is FREEDOM…and His name is JESUS! Take courage and please reach out past the darkness and come into His Holy Light alongside those who have been there and have OVERCOME the crippling fear & anxiety, the grief, the guilt, the regret, the depression, the loneliness, the denial, the anger & rage, and the great shame that left them feeling Breathless-and come into His Holy Brilliance to encounter His Love where you will be able to Let Go and discover Relief, Forgiveness, and FREEDOM!
You are not alone! There is help available!!!

Marital Status: Both Married and Single is OK
Gender: Coed
Age: All Ages
Childcare: No