What You Need to Press on to Victory!

What’s up, Faith Life?! Pastor Alecia here!

I just wanted to stop and share a little announcement with you today…

Are you ready?


Like, when did that happen?

At the beginning of the year, we get so excited about tackling our goals and projects, but about three months in, we typically lose momentum. 😴

The things you wanted to conquer were bigger and more difficult than you realized. 

The project took 3x the time ⏰ you thought it would take to complete and 5x the money💵.

Exercise and clean eating are only fun so long as the weight is falling off.

Reading the Bible is great! Until you get to the book of Eccelesiates and realize that “everything is meaningless.” (Go read the first chapter.) 😂😂😂

In all seriousness though, everything is easy when you first start because you have adrenaline and energy! Everything is easy when you can see the finish line because you are almost there!

It’s the messy middle that is difficult to persevere through.

I want to encourage you to press into what God has for you and the dreams He has placed in your heart. Maybe you wrote out some things at the beginning of the year, or God gave you a word—look back on those things.

Don’t let the messy middle take you down.

I’ll give you the first step: Pick ONE thing that you can do right now and do it!

Maybe it’s finishing the book beside your bed or waking up an hour earlier. Read just one verse a day instead of a whole chapter!

Start small, and work toward the bigger goals. YOU CAN DO THIS!



Pastor Alecia