Ring, Ring, Opportunity Calling!

It’s Pastor Drenda here.

What if I told you the dreams you have for your life are not just dreams?

What if I told you that they are God’s way of directing you to your true purpose here on earth?

The problem is, in the culture, dreams are treated like they are “impossible” and “unrealistic.” In fact, in the culture, dreams are so impossible that they often require wishing on a star, calling on a fairy godmother, or rubbing on a magic lamp.Download Thinking Face Emoji

No matter what the culture says, I want you to know…

Dreams DO come true, and IT CAN happen to you!
But you don’t need a fairy godmother. You have a powerful Father Download Flexing Muscles Emojiin heaven who loves you, who created you with big dreams, so you could live an amazing life!

I created Love Encounter Women’s Conference to get women to dream again, to help them see their God-given potentials, so they can pursue and succeed in their God-given destinies.

You don’t need a magic genie; the power of God’s Holy Spirit has been inside YOU this whole time, and I want to help you unleash it! That’s why I’m so excited for the 2018 Love Encounter Women’s Conference at Faith Life Church October 18-20!

This conference is truly unlike any other conference. It’s a three-day encounter with God that I believe will bring you the God-inspired wisdom and revelation Download Voltage Emoji In PNGyou need to live your very best life—the life He has planned for you.

Please seize this amazing opportunity, and join me at this year’s power-packed conference! We’ve been working around the clock to make this year our best year yet!

Come enjoy quality girl time, awesome worship, powerful teaching, incredible shopping, delicious food, awesome extras like our Fall Fashion Show, and some fun surprises along the way. Download Smiling Emoji with Smiling Eyes

Don’t keep a good thing to yourself!

Invite your friends, and make this a girls’ weekend!

See you in October,



Pastor Drenda Keesee

P.S. – You can get more information and REGISTER for the Love Encounter Women’s Conference at drenda.com/womens-conference.