Three Essential Truths from Pastor Alecia

I’ve recently come through an amazing, incredible, busy season.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of going to the Dominican Republic to minister with 32 awesome people from our church (primarily from our youth group—shout out to our XM Teens!). We saw over 5,000 lives changed!

Upon returning home, I went straight to our high school summer camp and had the absolute best week of my summer.

You could say that I was on a “God high.” Who wouldn’t be?

Doing what God has assigned for you energizes your soul and spirit.

I want to share a few things God spoke to me while I was away:

1. God takes us from glory to glory to glory. He doesn’t take you from great to mediocre. He doesn’t take you from conquering to captivity. He only promotes you!

2. God can only bring into the light what you allow Him to. Sometimes we fight to hide the things we’re struggling with. That’s called PRIDE. The moment you bring your struggle to God, He can put everything into perspective and heal it. I promise, the moment you bring whatever is weighing you down into His light, you’ll be set free. It’s amazing how big something can seem when you’re looking at its shadow. Perspective and light change everything.

3. God can use anyone. He doesn’t look at you and think that you fall short of His glory; He looks at you and sees Jesus. You have something significant in you that the world needs. You will be held accountable for what you have—just like the parable of the talents. So use what God has given you.

Make this week count for the Kingdom of God! 💪

In His love,

Pastor Alecia