Our mission is the same today!

Hello there!

Pastor Drenda Keesee began XM with a heart to raise up future generations that are passionate about God and have a biblical foundation on which to walk that passion out.

Our mission is the same today!

Our goal for XM is for teens to ENGAGE in the journey of growth God has for them—from knowing God, to finding freedom, to discovering their purposes in the Kingdom. Why else are we here if not to further the Kingdom of God?

What makes XM different than other youth groups?

  1. We aren’t just a youth group! We are a MAJOR part of Faith Life Church and are deeply involved in everything that happens here. We don’t believe in a youth ministry just for the sake of youth ministry. Faith Life Church is our home, and Pastors Gary and Drenda Keesee are our pastors.
  2. We take a firm stance on purity. For us, purity goes way past saving sex for marriage. Purity is about saving our hearts and the hearts of others from being broken.
  3. We believe that we’re empowered by the Holy Spirit not only to walk in freedom in our own lives but also to lead others into freedom.

That is what this blog will be about—freedom and the pursuit of God.

My husband, Tim, and I have been pastoring XM for seven years now, and we can say with full confidence that the youth of Faith Life Church are incredible! We hope you enjoy reading the thoughts of these amazing teens as they communicate about their faith and the things God is doing in their lives.

In His love,

Pastor Alecia Keesee